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Exhibitions schedule 2016
Exhibitions schedule 2016

    Calendar of fairs 

Orthodox theological seminary in Khabarovsk




03 - 06

“DalPischeProm 2016” – XXth specialized exhibition of food products, drinks and raw materials for their production. Trading and technical equipment, package, logistic. Restaurant and hotel business.

“Spring Present – trading season”
– presents, souvenirs, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics. Clothes.

“6 Ares”
Everything for gardens and vegetable plots. Agricultural products. 
 (6 ares = 600 sq.m)


21 - 24

“TECHNODREV the Far East 2016” – X specialized international exhibition of technologies, machines, equipment and instruments for timber harvesting, timber processing industry and furniture industry. Wooden house-building industry. Technologies of protection and enrichment of forest resources. 

“DalExpoMEBEL 2016. Accessories. Interior” – XV specialized exhibition of furniture, materials, accessories and components for its production. Technologies of projection and interior design. Finishing materials. Doors. Windows. Floor, wall and ceiling coatings. Bathroom fixtures. Household appliances. Light, textile in the interior. Decorative elements of décor and design. 

“Cottage. Country house. Real estate 2016” – VIII specialized exhibition of projection, construction and improvement of cottages, country houses, dachas, greenhouses and garages. Real estate market. Construction technologies of houses, bath-houses, saunas, swimming-pools, chimneys and ovens. Construction materials. Landscape architecture, phytodesign, flower arranging. Lending and insurance. Legal services. “My garden is my treasure”. Instruments for work in gardens and at vegetable plots, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, plant-protecting agents.


26 - 29

“Architecture, building industry of the Far East 2016” – XX specialized exhibition of projection, construction, reconstruction, construction technologies, techniques, materials and instruments for construction industry. The exhibition is arranged together with the XX Far Eastern Festival of Architecture Work, Projects and Constructions “Far Eastern Art of Architecture 2016”.

“City. Ecology” – specialized exhibition of the city infrastructure, technologies, machines and equipment for communal services. Wooden house-building industry. Development: control and technical supervision.




22 - 25


“Power engineering of the Far East 2016. Energy saving” – XV interregional specialized exhibition. Energy effectiveness and energy preservation at power production, transportation of all energy kinds. Energy preserving technologies and equipment. Renewable energy sources (RES) and alternative energy sources (AES). Electrical techniques. Light techniques. Oil and gas complex. Energetic safety and ecology. Energy audit. Warm, gas and water supply. Housing improvement. Innovations in the sphere of fuel and energy companies and housing and public utilities. 

“Automation. Security. Communication 2016” – VII multisectoral exhibition. Industrial safety and ecology. Industrial automation systems. Control and measuring instruments. Complex safety systems for all sectors of national economy. All types of connection and telecommunication. Software. Electronics. IT companies. Internet. Interactive technologies. 

“TRANSPORT of the Far East 2016. Special machinery, automobiles, transportation” – XX specialized exhibition. All types of transport: railway, water, air, motor transport. Transportation technologies. Mechanical engineering. Construction of roads, bridges and tunnels. Infrastructure. Special machines for all industrial sectors. Motor transport: repair parts, accessories, automobile chemistry. Safety and monitoring. Motor/two-wheeled/bike/air techniques. Insurance. Auto loan.


22 - 25

“Interregional Priamurskaya Trading and Industry Fair 2016” – XVIII universal exhibition and fair of leading industries achievements of the Russian East and Asia-Pacific Region.  

“World of medicine 2016. Health and beauty” – XX specialized exhibition. Services of medical institutions, diseases prevention. Medical and laboratory equipment. Pharmacy. Optics. Stomatology. Cosmetology. Equipment and services of fitness centers, beauty salons, medical clinics, saunas.

“TourExpoService 2016”. Exhibition of all types of tourism, sport and rest. Tour operators and tour agencies. Excursion tours. Sanatorium-resort complex. Facilities, equipment, inventory, accessories and outfit for different kinds of sport and rest. Fitness. Related services.


22 – 25

“New Year Present 2017” – a universal fair. New Year presents and souvenirs. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. Party suits. Festival attributes, Christmas-tree decoration, ornaments, decorations. Food products and drinks for a festive table. 


   Calendar of fairs


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